Monday, July 24, 2006

Big Blogger, the final vote

This Is Big Blogger.

Voting has now closed, and it is a very close one. In fact, they don't get much closer than this.

After months of blogging, it came down to Hillbilly Mom who last year was runner up, and Cazzie, a new kind on the block to blogging, but someone who has proven she can throw a punch when needed.

So with out further typing, as I don't want to draw this out any longer, I can tell you there were 221 votes in total, and that one vote made the difference. So congratulations to the winner of Big Blogger for 2006.........................

Hillbilly Mom of Hillbilly Mansion

You have won the grand prize of A$100. All we need to do now is work out a way to get your winnings to you.
The final vote count, Hillbilly Mom, 111. Cazzie 110.

And so ends Big Blogger for another year. At this point in time, I do not know if it will be back next year, there is some major renovation works about to happen on the mother site, but stay tuned.

This Has Been Big Blogger.

Paypal transfer?

Coors Light bottle caps? ;-)
Yayy, well done Hillbilly Mom :)
No PayPal. I want the cash! Some of it. I am only taking samples of currency for my international counterfeiting ring, masterminded by none other than HH. That's why he travels so much on 'business'.
Oh come off it HM, you just wanna roll around naked in all that sweet cash. Admit it.
Stewed One,
Nahhh...I'm afraid someone would snap a picture, and then you'd all go blind. HM unclothed ain't such an OH SO PRETTY sight!
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