Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Big Blogger Needs Help

This Is Big Blogger.

I have come up with a fantastic new invention, one that will change the world. It is called the Zigglefibster. But I can't remember what it does. Can anyone out there help me?

Ok, so I really know what it does, but I want someone to work it out. The winner gets to put 10 votes on their favourite remaining Cyberhousemate. Each time a suggestion comes in, I will give another clue. Anyone Can have a go at guessing what it is.

The only thing I will say at this point in time, is; The Zigglefibster is cutting edge technology, but very hard to power at the moment.

This Has Been Big Blogger.

It is a lie-detector. It jiggles a person until they admit they are fibbing. It needs power so it can lift up the fibber and shake them.
No Hillbilly Mom, it is not that, and I am not lying. This is something I am sure Hillbilly Husband would like to have though.
Is it a vibrator..and the batteries have gone flat???
No Cazzie, it is not what you would spend your Big Blogger winnings on, if you win.

The power source for it is something that is very hard to get in Australia right now, unless you have a lot of money.
A-ha, it's obviously powered by bananas.
If it's as high-tech as you claim, then perhaps it's really some sort of device from a strange alien world inhabited by monkeys... A banana-based weapon, I think.
Hey... wait a minute. Statue of Liberty... that was our planet!

You maniacs, you blew it up! DAMN YOU!! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!
It is a solar-powered motorcycle.
Stewed Hamm, you are right, it is powered by bananas, but this is not a high tech weapon.

Stewed Hamm, Not sure if this is really a guess, but I will give another clue anyway. This device would be useless on a sandy beach.

Hillbilly Mom, no, it is not a motorbike, but we are considering a ride on version, for those who enjoy that kind of thing. But we are sure the fully automated version would be the top seller.
Is it an automated lawn mower powered by bananas?
This Is Big Blogger.

Well done Cazzie, you have worked out what a Zigglefibster is. Now, how much money would you like to invest in this fine upstart product?

This Has Been Big Blogger.
Being that the bananas are having to be imported and all, because of our shortage (haha) here in Oz, I think it will cost alot of moulah to run the thing...but I will invest a grand $1000 up front...I am sure that the banana crops will grow back just fine :)
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