Monday, July 17, 2006

Big Blogger Task #12

This Is Big Blogger.

Hillbilly Mom and Cazzie, here is the first of your tasks for this week. You have until the next task is published to finish this one, new tasks will happen every few days. If your task is done on time, you get an extra 20 votes added to your score. If it is not done on time, you lose 10 votes off your score.

I'm Not Worthy!

I want each of you to tell me why the other person should win Big Blogger. Be creative, because the best entry gets an extra 10 votes on their total.

This Has Been Big Blogger

I think Hillbilly Mom should win BB2 because...she is oh so pretty...she says people PISS HER if she wins she may change her attitude and this would be a nice thing for the people who live near her at Hillbilly Mansion. She deserves a break..she has been affected by the itches and had bitches of nurses give her a jabb in the B-hind, that which they did not know what for they were giving it!!!
HBM will need the cash...the winnings of the whole BB2 event, so she can treat herself to a day spa or a facial that will make her feel...more than oh-so-pretty.
Ain't you just the sweetest thing, Ms. Cazzie! I must round up all the people who live around me so they can vote for you. However, they usually shun me like my own pet poopies when I try to approach them. Do you think it's my attitude?

I've posted my pitch for you over at the Mansion.
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