Saturday, July 15, 2006

Eviction #9 Final votes

This Is Big Blogger.

The votes are in, and it was a close one.

Thanks for being in the game this long Stewed Hamm, also an honourable mention to the last ditch effort by your penis.
But now it is time to have the door slam behind you, and please try not to get anything caught in it on the way out.

Now it comes done to the last two. The runner up from last year, Hillbilly Mom, and the new kid on the block, Cazzie.
Can the Americans finally pull off a win, or as their World Cup coach said "We are not here to win the thing, what are people expecting?"
Can the young upstart to blogging, who brings a busload of fun to the party show us how it is done?
All I know is, we are in for a big week of blogging, with new challenges set every couple of days. Ladies, you have the weekend off, but come Monday the first of many tasks begin. Good luck to both of you.

This Has Been Big Blogger.

'Twas bound to happen eventually, I suppose. Regardless, thanks for the good times shared in good company you guys. And thanks for getting Vigoda off my back... he was following me everywhere. It was creeping me the hell out, already.

WV: "amyajkm" Ms Ajkm was just one more person who could have voted for me and allowed me to stay in the cyberhouse... but NOOOO, the selfish witch didn't even bother. Feh.
Wow, I cannot believe it!!! The penis card was drawn and it did not have any value..oh well, there is always next year young Stewie!!!
On with the show, I am planning on resting up this weekend, although I did shop till I dropped...not sure who is to blamne for that :)
I dod buy a roast and some fire lighters and some hot rocks..looks like Hillbilly Mom and I will be having us a roast of a time tonight :)
Whew! I am OH SO RELIEVED! The power of the penis card should never be underestimated.

Rest away, Cazzie. And roast away as well. It is ONNNNN!

I was quite enjoying trading barbs with young Stewie. His name alone brought me hours of pleasure, twisting it this way and that. I suppose this is for the best. He really does need time to complete his move. I believe the only entity that moves boxes slower than the Stewed One is the U.S. Postal Service.

Rock on, StewMann. Your time will come.

My word verification is hhbghi. So I guess HH is sending a big 'HI' to you, Big Blogger.
Indeed I am resting HH, I am even having the whole weekend off of work...let not the terrible head flu and razor blade throat that I currently have be the sole reason for having such a rest from work. It is the fighting woman in me that wants to do my best at this BB2 contest, that I may win the allusive 100 dollars and put it towards a great cause....indeed it is the BUS....I shall purchase a tailor made sign that says...."I WON BB2" and place it strategically on the rear of the bus...right next to a small painting of one of Mark's Vargas chix :) at Diva Ranch for all of us losers. You bring the brats and leave Abe at home.
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