Thursday, July 06, 2006

Late Week Lines

This Is Big Blogger.

Here is another one from last year, thought I would reuse it as an open comment thing this time.

Groaner Lines

What is the worst pick up line that has ever been used on you, or if you really want to say it, the worst you have used.

Leave your comments in the comments section. Sorry, bit Captain Obvious there.

This Has Been Big Blogger

"Hey, you have really nice hair (all the while the guy is looking at my breasts)" My reply,"Well, I don't have hair on my is actualy on my head! And these babies..are used to breastfeed my kids"....I sache' off onto the dance floor at The Star BAr Clarendon Street Nth Melbourne to enjoy my sister out-law's Hens Night!!!
Ive heard....If you were a McDonalds item you'd be McBeautiful.

BTW, the word verification here is ok..alright already...i will hurry up!!!
A really skeevy guy in a bar who was probably my dad's age, leaned over and whispered his beer breath in my ear and said, "You have very inviting shoulders."

I have no idea what my shoulders were inviting him to do, but frankly, the thought now frightens me.
Heh, heh. I've also gotten a "I love your shoulders" comment. Who knew?

I used my best ones last year, but here's another:

"I love it when you wear that dress. I can see your breasts when you lean over the copy machine."

Oh, and I DO have a picture of myself in that dress, and believe me, it's nothing to write home about. Only the goofy expression on my face, and Rebecca's photoshop skills, keep me from posting it for all to see.

Here's another:

"Do you know what time it is?"

Now you might be asking yourself "What is so bad about that?" Let me tell you. It was a guy in a car who pulled up beside me while I was walking to my college classes. When I looked at him, he was completely nude, and it appeared that he liked me...he really liked me.
Sounds like he was OH SO ENTHUSIASTIC about driving... either way, I predict that this incident will be mentioned more than a few times during the course of the competition. Maybe even by someone who isn't me. ^_^

I've never been the pick-up line type, but I respect the classics. "Nice shoes, wanna fuck?" is my favorite.
Well Stewie, shoes tell the story of how much respect someone has for themselves (Cazzie slips thongs off feet and rubs hard heels with moisturiser!). At least that is what my Grandpa always told me. So now I buy 200 dollar pair of nursing shoes each year or so. Only the best for the best :)
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