Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mid Week Mini Meme #3

This Is Big Blogger.

Time for another mid week mini meme.

Big BLogger would like to know your favourite childhood toy, and if you still have it. If not, what happened to it?

This Has Been Big Blogger.

I don't know the name of my favorite toy :-(

If I ever saw one in the shops, I'd be the happiest person in the whole world.

There were little Fischer-Price (like) "Little People" figures, and you'd sit them on a small round turntable, which had a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs there was a slide. When you wound the handle, it caused the little people to "walk" up the stairs. When they got to the top, they'd slide down.

There were few happy moments in my childhood, and that was one of them.

While you can't revisit your childhood, I'd sure like to capture that slice of happiness.
Hi Lantern,
Were the people the ones who had a ballbearing on the bottom, so they could roll around things?
My cousin had one which had those people at the top, and if you pressed a number, they would go down a slide that lead to a helicopter, fire truck, ambulance, or police car. It was a cool toy.
The younger, more marketable version of Stew spent innumerable hours playing with various Lego sets. If one were to add up all that time, it would likely total a sizeable percentage of his life.

Odds are he's still got most of those little bricks stashed in a box somewhere - he's an incurable packrat, don't you know.
It's a toss-up between my Barbies, My Little Ponies and my Strawberry Shortcakes. They were all played with obsessively and I owned just about every dang accessory there was to own. My kids LOVE them now, too, because I'm a packrat and saved 'em all. Just the other day my toyroom was host to the Strawberry Shortcakes coralling the Ponies while Barbie laid out and got a tan.
My comment has been lost to the black hole I thing....I have a favourite toy, it was my Air Rifle, my brother and I affectionately called it our "Sluggy"...short for slug gun.
We would make up targets and shoot them and even try a pot shot at them shitty Starling birds that nest in the roof and their babies start a squarking at 4am..before the sun come up!! See, I don't do mornings since long ago!!!
Another toy my brother and I fought over and lost to the tip coz mum said we couldn't share nicely...was our trike bike with a seat for one at the back. Boitch she was for getting rid of a perfectly good bike. Any wonder she cracked it at first when dad came home with my HORSE soon after...HA HA, the laugh was on me!!!
My favorite toy was a set of Johnny West horses and figures. I had Johnny, his wife Jane, daughter Josie, and a son who had a J name I can't remember. I also had their ranch, jeep, horse trailer, buckboard, and all their saddles and camping junk. It was my favorite thing to play with. I even sewed blankets for the horses out of fabric scraps my mother gave me. It kept me occupied for hours.

I still have a couple of the items. They were fine for years in my mother's basement, but then she let my nephew play with them, and he broke the jeep by sitting on it. Duh! Talk about grandma spoiling the grandkids. She could have at least given him my sister's toys to destroy, not mine.
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