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This is not a is my BB2 Task...

This Is Big Blogger. Cazzie of I Don't Do Mornings asked if she could put her latest task here. I guess it is some kind of lame attempt to get more votes, but I will run with it. This Has Been Big Blogger.

Big Blogger Task #10
This week, it is time to go back, way back for some. Back to the summer of your youth, the summer when it all began to change.
Thirteen's My Lucky Number!It's Going To Be A Teenage Summer.

Well, as you can see, it was the 80's and it was my 13th Birthday Party. My birthday is in December and so it is Summer here in the land Down Under. After school ended for the Summer break to begin my family and I went to Phillip Island for a holliday. Two and a half hours drive from Melbourne, Phillip Island is a great place to go in Summer. The main attraction was the Fairy Penguins, not termed that anymore as a minority of people think that it is a slight on their identity as a gayperson to call a penguin a fairy, oh well. Times a changin'....
We rented out a cabin as my mum hated to camp with tents and do any of that fun stuff like pee in the bush and wash clothes out of a tub or do the dishes in a tub..not the same tub as you washed in though..of course!!
We had great weather and I swam more than anyone in my family that holliday. I find it ironic to think it now, but my Ange would have been on the other side of the very Island I was on, camping on their block of land at Rhyll. Amazing I reckon...because at age 13 you are thinkin' of hitchin' up with and experimenting with other people in a grown up manner (no, I am not gunna say HAVE A BONK WITH...). Ange was the person I was thinking of !
The most exciting part of the holliday was when there was a fierce storm that erupted over the bay there and cold air clashed with hot to make an awesome display of lightening. The thunder was also tremendous. The roof of the cabin we hired began to lift off, so we went next door to the next cabin. There was a family with 2 children. One was my age, a boy. We sat together and chatted and looked out the window at the storm that was passing over the cabin park. It could have been something special if we wanted it to be..but he was a man's man..if you know what I mean! A what a waste in fact :)
Next morning we all set off to the beach and had a great time collecting shells and kicking about the sea weed that was brought ashore with the storm. Two days later the vacation was over, back to Melbourne we came. With New Years Eve coming up I couldn't wait...I was going to join Air Cadets that January. Mmmmm, nice boys to meet and fun to be had (including bush bivouacs and gliding and weapons training camps..not to mention fun times playing inter-flight sports). :)
IN the next year I went to my first Blue Light Disco..smokes were 3 bucks a packet and even if you weren't a was oh-so-cool to beseen with a cigarette in your hand there at the Blue Light Disco. I got to see Darryl Cotton and Marty Monster who appeared as special hosts of the disco..and our famous Wilbur Wilde came along once also..playing his saxaphone like he was making love to it..which just rocked of course :) WHAM, CULTURE CLUB and MARILYN (Call on the telephone song) were the flavour of the time..not to mention the flourescent GO GO T-SHIRTS aswell. INXS were also a big band for us here of the Aussie talent.
*Some of this story is NOT made up at all..just some of it :)

Thankyou Big Blogger for letting me pu it on here. I just did not want people I know seeing what I got up to in my teens :( Oh, of course I am not ashamed..much :)
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