Monday, July 03, 2006

Voting Twist

This Is Big Blogger.

So Scottage has asked if there is a twist with the voting. As with all things Big Blogger, there is a twist.

Last night, someone broke into the Cyberhouse and undertook a crime. That person was Big Blogger. The crime? Well that is something for you all to work out.

You have until Wednesday to work out what it is I have done in the house. Your clues are;
The first Cyberhousemate to work out what the crime is, will get a 20% increase on their overall votes. If someone who is not a Cyberhousemate works out what it is I have done, they get to nominate which Cyberhousemate gets a 10% increase in their total number of votes.

Each time somone leaves a comment, suggesting what it is I have done, I will leave another clue.

This Has Been Big Blogger.

You left the toilet seat up.
While we all snoozed peacefully under our woolly mammoth bedspreads in the Hillmomba Slumber Cavern, did Big Blogger steal all the Scorn Flakes so we would have to eat Cut-Up Cow for breakfast? That would get the day off to a bad start. But I haven't figured out the revenge angle.
Hi Diva,
No that would never happen.
But I would think back to where people wanted to put the toilet in the house.

Hi Hillbilly Mom,
I didn't say I wanted revenge, it is just a revenge kind of crime.
Nothing was stolen, but something was adjusted.

This Has Been Big Blogger.
BigBlogger got into people's drawers and removed all their underwears and mixed them up into other people's drawers? Needless to say...I am now wearing Stewie's satin boxer shorts with the Superman logo on them!!!
Hi Cazzie,
Mmmm, good idea, but not the right thing.
You are in the wrong room of the house, but another Cyberhousemate has been in the right area.

This Has Been Big Blogger.
Umm...thanks for sharing.

Big Blogger,
OK, the room is the kitchen, because I guessed something to do with the kitchen, and you told Diva about 'where others wanted to put a toilet' which was the kitchen. But what could you adjust in the kitchen? I don't know. Let's go back to the bathroom.

Did Big Blogger switch the cyberhousemates' toothbrushes? That could make for revenge and a bad start to the day.
Here's another guess, but I don't know why Big Blogger would have done it from the kitchen or the bathroom.

Did Big Blogger adjust the votes in some manner?
Hi Hillbilly Mom,
You are right about the kitchen.

No toothbrushes were harmed in the crime.

This Has Been Big Blogger
Aha! Big Blogger cooked up a midnight snack and left the dirty dishes for us to find in the morning! Since we don't know Big Blogger broke in, we will blame each other.

Have I mentioned that I love a good mystery?
Did Big Blogger give Carlos the cabana boy the boot? I know the thought of losing him from the kitchen staff would get everyone else's day off to a pretty crappy start...

On the other hand, perhaps Big Blogger simply made Carlos an accomplice... I wonder.
Big Blogger, have you enlisted anyone's help in your caper, or is this a solo job?
Hi Hillbilly Mom,
No, I didn't cook a midnight snack, but cooking has something to do with it. Not my cooking, which is always excellent, but the cooking the Cyberhousemates would have done in the morning.

Hi Stewed Hamm,
No, no one helped me with this crime. Carlos was left sleeping on his banana lounge. This crime was a simple flick of the wrist.

This Has Been Big Blogger
You disengaged the automatic toilet seat lowering function in my special remodelled toilet room?
I know I know I know...the automated laser for cleaning the loo is now turned off!!! ...clean......loo...
Hi Cazzie,
It has nothing to do with the toilet, but I have done something to an electrical device.

Hi Cazzie,
You need to get your mind out of the toilet, and start thinking of food processing.

This Has Been Big Blogger.
Switch of caffinated to decaf coffee in the kitchen?
Hi Cazzie,
No, nothing to do with coffee, but a lot to do with something you might eat at breakfast time, with your coffee.

This Has Been Big Blogger.
Did Big Blogger turn off the electric so that we can't use the oven to cook Boston Buns?
Hi Hillbilly Mom,
No, boston buns should only be cooked in a gas oven.

When you do work out what I have done, you will be popping mad, and I am sure someone will say "Oh crumb".

This Has Been Big Blogger.
"It was HillBilly Mom, in the kitchen with the toaster..."

Was the toaster not cleaned after use?
Hi Lantern,
It was something done to the toaster, but what?

This Has Been Big Blogger.
Big Blogger set the toaster on 'DARK' so that the toast would be burnt when it popped out, like a charcoal crispy critter.
Big Blogger set the toaster on 'DARK' so that the toast would be burnt when it popped out, like a charcoal crispy critter.
Hi Hillbilly Mom,
You are CORRECT! A horrible thing to do, I know, but it was worth it.

This Has Been Big Blogger
toaster on 'DARK' so that the toast would be burnt when it popped out, like a charcoal crispy critter.

We had that very problem at home. Crumpets need about a 6, where normal bread needs a 2.

You would not BELIEVE the carry-on the other weekend....
WooHoo! Not for Lantern's burnt toast, but for my mystery-solving that was like a rousing game of 20 questions.

I am not so compulsive that I posted that answer twice--my dial-up disconnected me, and did not show that the comment was accepted.
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