Friday, April 28, 2006

Big Blogger Task #1

This Is Big Blogger,
OK, Cyberhousemates, this is the way it works. Big Blogger makes up the rules as we go, and this is the first one.
The house is now officially open for business. I know it is early, but that's how these things go.
Because the house is now open, it is time to set your first challenge, which needs to be completed by next Friday.

"Let's Go Shopping"

Obviously when you move into the house, it is empty, and supplies are needed, but so we don't breach any copyright deals, we have to invent our own brands. What is needed is a Brand Name, a Reason you think the house needs this product, and a Catchy Grab Line, to promote your product.
No two people in the house can have the same item, so if someone has already listed their item, and yours is the same, then you have to change you idea.
Here is an example for you all.

The item I am putting into the house is Sump Cola.
Made from the finest engine oil Beclakia has to offer, Sump Cola contains all the vitamins and minerals that can be found from the 14 times more sugar in Sump Cola, as opposed to other leading brands.
If you are looking for refreshment, Sump Cola. "Keep your engine running, SUMP COLA"
The reason I am putting Sump Cola into the cyberhouse is we need something to drink. Because we are still waiting for the plumber to connect the water supply (He said he would be here next Tuesday), not only can Sump Cola meet our drinking requirements, it can also be used to dig the trenches needed to put the water connection through, all we have to do is pour it onto the ground, it will even cut through steel.

So here is how Big Blogger works.Hopefully everyone can understand that.
Now there will be dirty tricks played along the way too, so be prepared,
Oh, and another thing to note, While Rachy is off enjoying her stay in hospital, she has immunity, and can not be nominated, or voted out of the house.
If you have been voted out of the house, it is possible to get back into the house, but that is a secret as to how to do it. Crack the code, and you can get back in. As a hint, there is no need to put a UV light onto the Mona Lisa.
There is a prize at the end, which may be worth playing for. Details will be revealed when we are down to the final two entries.

This Has Been Big Blogger

Friday, April 21, 2006

Only a few days to go

This Is Big Blogger.

There are only a few days to go until Big Blogger 2 starts, so get in quickly if you want to be in the house.
This year, the prize for the winner will be the richest prize ever offered for Big Blogger, so don't miss out on your chance.
The newest people to enter the house are Lantern Light, and Stewed Hamm (you will both be added to the blog roll soon), well done guys.
Entries for getting into the house close May 29.

Big Blogger Out

Sunday, April 16, 2006

BB2 Getting into the house

This Is Big Blogger.

OK, so you all want to know how this thing works, well it is simple.
Each person who enters into the Cyberhouse, will be given access to this blog, to type postings, and to participate in the fun and games Big Blogger sets.
Each week, at least one person will be voted out of the Cyberhouse, until there is only one winner.
Big Bloggers rules are final, and changed as Big Blogger likes, there are NO exceptions.
The fun starts 1 May, so if you want to be in the house, let me know.

This Was Big Blogger

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