Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mid Week Mystery

This Is Big Blogger.

Cyberhousemates. I have three boxes. Each box contains something for the Cyberhouse.
You must decide which box is to be opened, but you must all agree on which box it is, if you can't decide by Friday, then none of the boxes will be opened.
One box contains joy, one box contains disappointment, the other contains answers.

You must choose Box A, Box B or Box C, but you will not know which box you are getting.

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Eviction #3

This Is Big Blogger.

As you all know, this is Double Eviction week, so I will make this quick.

It is time to go wandering Perspectives Of A Nomad.

It is time to get off the stage Redneck Diva.

All other Cyberhousemates are reminded that there are still tasks to be done.
Also, this week, we have a special guest Big Blogger setting the next task.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Nominations #3

This Is Big Blogger.

This week, is Double Up week in the Cyberhouse.

There will be two evictions this week.

The Nominations for this week are:

Everyone In The Cyberhouse.

The Evictees will be known on Monday.

This Has Been Big Blogger

Big Blogger Task #5

This Is Big Blogger.

This week, is double up week. That means the Cyberhousemates have two tasks to do, and as you would have red by now, it is also a double eviction week. Some might call this a grab for ratings, but Big Blogger isn't interested in ratings, I just want you lot to work harder.

The double tasks are both tasks from last year. A bit of lighthearted fun.

Task A:
Letter Home.
Seeing as though you have all been inside the Cyberhouse for a while now, it is time to write a letter home to your loved ones. Remember back to your days on school camp, when saying anything bad about the camp would mean detention, so you had to be creative in hiding your disdain at the place, the people you were with, and just in life in general.

Task B:
Each Cyberhousemate has to reinvent themself into a Superhero. Yes it is time to wear your underpants on the outside, and prove that capes are fashionable. Name yourself, let us know what your super powers are, and your crime fighting motto.
As we all know, every Superhero needs a sidekick, so pick someone else from the Cyberhouse to be your ward, and explain how they help you in your fight against evil.

Good Luck Everyone

This Has Been Big Blogger.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mid Week Fun

This Is Big Blogger.

No midweek challenge this week, just a chance to have some fun in the Cyberhouse for those contesting Big Blogger, and for those who are viewing the fun.

Here is a photo of Rachy, who is on immunity whle she is in hospital. Big Blogger took the photo today, so leave your captions in the comments section.
This Has Been Big Blogger.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Eviction #2

This Is Big Blogger.

So, you thought Big Blogger forgot to give you all an example of interior decorating. Well you are wrong.

I have designed a door, through which people exit the Cyberhouse. Given the fine carpentry skills of Mark, I will get him to check the door from the outside. Oh dang, did I forget to mention it is a one way door?

It is time to go Knockin' On The Golden Door.

Time to pack up your tools and head out into the wild blue yonder.

This Has Been Big Blogger

Friday, May 19, 2006

Nominations #2

This Is Big Blogger.

So, some of you may have thought I forgot about the nominations this week, well you are wrong.
This week, there is four nominations:
The evictee will be known on Monday, good luck to you all. Who am I kidding, one of you is out of the place, regardless.

This Has Been Big Blogger

Big Blogger Task #4

This is Big Blogger.

Cyberhousemates. I'm not happy with the way the Cyberhouse is looking. It is shabby, bland, and will one of you please take the rubbish out. It has been piling up since Tim left the Cyberhouse.

So here is your task for this week:

Interior Design.

Each Cyberhousemate must make over a room of the house. I want to know all the details of what you plan to do, and make it interesting, after all, you have to live here. Let your imagination run wild, just remember that beige is not the new black.

This Has Been Big Blogger.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Diary Room Open

This Is Big Blogger.

Cyberhousemates. The Diary room is now open. You can leave a comment in the comments section of this post, airing your concerns, your likes/dislikes, but not your dirty laundry. Big Blogger can't stand the smell.
The Diary Room entry Big Blogger finds the best, will win immunity for the coming eviction.

This Has Been Big Blogger

Monday, May 15, 2006

Eviction #1

This Is Big Blogger.

Now for the first of may evictions from the Big Blogger Cyberhouse. As you all know, this week there was three nominations, but alas due to regulations, I can not kick you all out of the Cyberhouse. Therefore, it is time for the moment I love the most.

It is time to go.......

Will Type For Food

There is a food parcel which has been thrown over the wall of the Cyberhouse, go fetch it, and don't come back.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Nominations #1

This Is Big Blogger

This week, there are three nominations.
The nominations for this week are as follows:

The first evictee from the cyberhouse will be known on Monday, you have three days to plead your case if you so choose to do.

This Has Been Big Blogger

Big Blogger Task #3

This Is Big Blogger.

For those of you who have scrolled down the page, this is your task for this week. For those of you who didn't scroll down, you are up for eviction next week.
This task was used in the last Big Blogger, so I am keeping my eye open for those who just do a cut and paste of any previous entries. If you do, it is instant nomination for eviction.

Ode To My......

This task, you have to write an ode to something you love. It can be anything at all, but it has to be creative, and really show off your feelings towards the subject. Oh, and just so you all know, this week it is ok if two cyberhousemates task about the same thing.

Once again, Big Blogger will provide an example.

Ode to my Toaster.

Oh how I love thy ways,
You warm my heart to the setting of your thermostat,
Glowing in the early morning, happily browning my muffins,
Crispy, crunchy, carbohydrates, oh you are so magical.
That was until the other day, when you decided to leave me.
Why O why did you leave in clap of thunder, and a flash of blue light?
Half way through cooking my wholemeal country loaf slices.
Did you despise me for only loving you for three minutes of the day,
and even then, only on two days of the week?
Sure your white edges had become diminished over time,
but I still loved you for who you are, my toaster.
Now you are gone,
you have joined as a member of the hard rubbish collection.
I still see you there, out the front of my house
But only until next Wednesday.
But it will never be the same again,
For I have found a new love.
Someone you could never match.
Goodbye Two Slice.
Hello four slice, frozen, warming, cancel buttons, extra lift, extra wide, heaven.
Oh how I love the ways, you cook.

Now you all know what to do, do it.

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mid Week Mini Meme #1 Results

This Is Big Blogger

Hillbilly Mom has won immunity by being the first Cyberhousemate to complete the MWMM.

The winner of the "Best Meme" section, also winning immunity, is..., Redneck Diva.

Tomorrow challenge three will be set, and I will inform you all who is nominated for eviction.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mid Week Mini Meme #1

This Is Big Blogger.

So, you Cyberhousemates thought you would just have to log in on a Friday and things would be easy. Well here is the first of Big Bloggers' surprises, the Mid Week Mini Meme.
So why do this? It is simple. The first person to complete the task, and reply with a comment to this post, gets immunity from the next eviction nomination. The Mid Week Mini Meme that Big Blogger judges to be the best, also gets immunity. It is up to you if you want to do the Meme or not.

Schooltime Meme
Cast your mind back to the early days of your primary school years, and see how you go.
  1. Name of your first teacher
  2. Name of best friend at school
  3. Do you still know them now
  4. Name of first person you had a crush on at school
  5. Favourite lunch at school
  6. Do you still eat it now
  7. First award you got at school
  8. Age you first mastered the "monkeybars"
  9. Favourite Canteen/Lunch Order "treat"
  10. Favourite schoolyard game
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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Big Blogger Task #2

This Is Big Blogger

Well it seems one Cyberhousemate doesn't want to play. Well if you don't play you will be out of the house. Speaking of the house, here is your challenge for this week. Given the amount of work required for this one, I am giving you all an extra day. Don't forget that from next Friday, nominations start.

Big Blogger Task #2
In Da House!

This week, now that you are all in the house, it is time to get In Da House! You must create your own posse, give it a name, and a rhyming meaning for the name. Then from your blog roll, you have to pick two bloggers to be your offsiders, and explain why they are cool to run with you. Your posse can not be made up of other Big Blogger contestants, and no one in the Cyberhouse can have the same people in their posse as another Big Blogger member.
Once again, Big Blogger will be kind, and give you all an example. Also to help you along your way, Big Blogger suggests you visit somewhere like this, in case you are graphically challenged

In Da House.
Yo Yo, Check it out! You all on the turf of Asparagus. We're Green, we're mean, and we taste better clean. On salads on our own, be careful when we are near, or you might get an Asparagus spear.

Yeah, you know what I mean. Running with me in the coolest way, is my posse, yeah. On the left is Mikey, on his Bikey, take a hike-y when he is around. He is da man, with da plan. Random Concoction, The BIG things, the SMALL things, the BIKE things. You know it all rings.
On the right is my man well known to you all. He won last years Big Blogger, and that ain't no small, feat. The Huggies Files, will make you smiles. His train network can take you for miles. He gets down with the Servo at night, and he knows how to treat his woman just right. Yo, yeah!

So now you all know what to do, get to it.

This Has Been Big Blogger

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